Most Common Drug Offenses in New Hampshire

Whenever someone faces charges or penalties for drug-related crimes, it’s common to question the factors in your environment that might impact your circumstances. Receiving charges and accusations can be confusing and frustrating for many people, especially those who have never been in trouble with the law or have limited knowledge about the legal systems in place. However, if you are facing charges related to drug use, you don’t need to face legal challenges alone.

We can help break down the most common drug offenses in New Hampshire, including the drug that is most frequently involved in charges from law enforcement. For more information, including receiving legal assistance for your legal matters, contact Hayes Law, PLLC. We have access to helpful information, including tools, proven strategies, and detailed resources that may benefit you.

What Is the Most Common Drug Offense in New Hampshire?

Please consider the following breakdown of common drug offenses in New Hampshire.

Drug Possession Is the Most Common Drug Offense in New Hampshire

According to Pew Trusts, the most common drug offense in New Hampshire is drug possession. Approximately 87% of drug arrests in the United States were related to drug possession from 2009 to 2019, while the remainder of common drug offenses were for manufacturing or sale of illicit substances.

Marijuana and Cocaine Are the Most Common Drugs That Individuals Are Involved With in New Hampshire

Depending on the resources used to check statistics, either marijuana or cocaine are the most common substances that individuals are involved with in New Hampshire. Marijuana is one of the most common and widely distributed drugs in New Hampshire and the United States as a whole. Cocaine may be most associated with overdoses leading to death.

Other Drug-Use Statistics

New Hampshire, out of all the states in the United States of America, has one of the highest rates of drug use throughout several categories. According to archives from the Obama White House from 2009 and 2010, individuals starting at 12 years or older used illicit drugs within the past month. There were also high illegal drug usage rates among young adults aged 18 to 25.

These high drug use rates commonly lead to increased dependence starting at a very young age, including the category of minors beginning at age 12. Use of opiates was also cited as higher than the national average, as were notes of drug-induced death.

Should You Work With a Drug Offense Lawyer in New Hampshire?

If you are involved in legal matters of any kind, it’s best to work with a lawyer for help. We suggest you retain assistance from a drug offense attorney in New Hampshire if you face charges for any drug crimes. Your lawyer can help you in several ways throughout the legal process, including speaking on your behalf, completing and filing paperwork related to your case, building defenses and arguments in your favor, and decreasing the consequences you may face.

While you may want to represent yourself during legal proceedings, this can be extremely risky and result in less-than-ideal outcomes. Self-representation may result in your facing more penalties than absolutely necessary. If you work with a drug offense lawyer, you increase your likelihood of reducing consequences related to your charges, being represented fairly, and significantly decreasing stress related to legal matters.

Charged With a Drug Offense in New Hampshire? Work With a Lawyer From Hayes Law, PLLC for Help

If you are facing charges for a drug offense in New Hampshire, we encourage you to contact our lawyer from Hayes Law, PLLC. We know how to confidently and efficiently traverse the legal system, including how to build strong defenses that can reduce consequences or clear your name. 

You can reach out to us by calling (978) 314-4950 or completing the contact form available on our website, whichever is most accessible to you. When you retain our help, we can discuss your case in greater detail, answer your questions, reduce stress and concern, and give you access to other helpful resources. We look forward to hearing from you and fighting for your rights with our support.


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