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Nashua Drug Charge Defense Lawyer | Hayes Law Firm, PLLC

Nashua Drug Crimes Lawyer

Experienced Drug Defense Attorneys in Nashua, NH

Drug Crimes in New Hampshire

Many people throughout the U.S. have found themselves in serious trouble because of drug use and drug-related crimes that led to an arrest. In New Hampshire, 12.15% of residents in 2010 reported using an illicit drug over the previous month. Compared to the national average which was found to be 8.82%, drug use in the community seems alarmingly prevalent. Different circumstances lead those convicted of drug crimes into the situations they fell into. 

However, a drug crime conviction or arrest does not mean that the opportunity for change is not accessible. Criminal defense attorney Hayes is widely knowledgeable of drug crime laws and the strategic defenses that help our clients lessen penalties or dismiss charges. Regardless of your record’s current state, you can entrust our team at Hayes Law Firm to provide the necessary legal representation in a criminal case.

Types of Drug Crimes in New Hampshire 

Drug crimes can range from something relatively minor, like possession of marijuana, to something much more complex and sophisticated, such as drug conspiracies. Facing prosecution for drug-related crimes may be challenging. The penalties for these types of crimes include financial fines, jail time, probation, and other consequences. Depending on your criminal record, the number of offenses, and the types of drugs involved in your charge, an expert Nashua, NH drug defense lawyer may help you lessen the consequences or drop the charges. 

Types of drug-related charges include:

  • Possession 
  • Distribution 
  • Transportation 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Importation 
  • Drug cultivation
  • Prescription drug fraud 
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Federal drug crimes 

We understand that drug addiction is a complex disease that fundamentally alters brain chemistry. Our drug defense attorneys realize, and advocate, the fundamental principle that addiction is not a situation where someone lacks the moral principles or willpower to quit or that they can just simply stop using drugs. This illness has a long road to recovery, and our Nashua drug defense attorneys take this into consideration when strategizing a defense and protecting our client’s rights. 

What Defenses Do I Have When Facing Drug-Related Charges?

Drug cases are fought on several fronts. Oftentimes, an experienced drug defense lawyer in Nashua, NH will scrutinize the police reports, witnesses, and the individual’s knowledge of the drugs and how they appeared on their property. We carefully analyze every aspect of your case from beginning to end. We also pay particular attention to how the police found or looked for the drugs for which you are accused of possessing or selling. 

Defenses against prosecution of drug charges include:

  • Filing a motion to suppress any evidence obtained illegally. 
  • Scrutinizing search warrants and the probable causes used to search property. 
  • Lack of foundation, or the individual did not know of the drugs found in or near their property. 
  • Challenging the veracity and reliability of an informant. 
  • Convincing the judge and prosecution that the person suffers from an illness and needs treatment—not prison.

Whatever the nature and circumstances of a drug charge, Nashua drug defense Attorney Hayes has the skills and experience to fight for the best possible outcome. If the drugs were found following a motor vehicle stop or on foot police encounter, we look to see if the officer even had a justifiable reason for stopping you. We look to see whether the officer unnecessarily turned his routine traffic stop into a full-blown drug search without good cause. 

How an Attorney Can Protect Your Rights in a Drug Crime Case

Drug crimes and charges may appear differently in each case. Typically, the type of drug, quantity, what your role was in the crime, your past criminal record, and other factors contribute to the penalties and outcome of a drug case. At Hayes Law Firm, our drug defense attorneys in Nashua, NH fight aggressively to collect evidence and inspect the details of an arrest, and the factors of evidence against our client. 

Our legal team works to help a client get into drug court under certain circumstances. This helps avoid unnecessary incarceration and may lead to a client’s beneficial abstinence from drug or substance abuse. Through this process, they can remain accountable for the legal responsibility of the drug-related offense they have committed. 

Without an expert defense, you may miss out on the legal resources, professional legal defense, and research that our team brings to every case. Living with the penalties of a crime, such as financial fines and jail time may result in losing employment, income, and relationships. Our legal team may protect your rights by investigating the handling of your arrest, evidence, and the legality behind the charges you face. 

Partner With Attorney Hayes for an Aggressive Legal Defense in a New Hampshire Drug Case

Drug crimes are very serious for individuals of any age and with any criminal background. We understand that mistakes and misunderstandings have led many of our clients down the wrong path into trouble with the law. At Hayes Law Firm, our experienced Nashua drug defense attorneys fight aggressively for your rights and the best possible outcome in a New Hampshire drug-related case. 

Without skilled and experienced legal professionals, you may find it challenging to find a solid defense and in turn, you may face the entirety of the penalties that your drug crimes warrant. Regardless of your criminal record and past run-ins with the law, our drug defense lawyers remain professional and reliable. To speak with our legal team, you may complete a contact form or give us a call at 978-314-4950 to schedule a free consultation.