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Transportation Of Drugs Laws In New Hampshire | Hayes Law Firm, PLLC

Transportation Of Drugs Laws In New Hampshire

Transportation Of Drugs Laws In New Hampshire

Whenever someone uses a controlled substance, there is a risk that doing so unlawfully can result in an arrest. But does moving drugs from one place to another also constitute breaking the law in New Hampshire? There’s always a possibility that moving a controlled drug from one location to another constitutes a drug crime, no matter if the substance is on your person or in your personal vehicle. Some exceptions may apply, and law enforcement must have a reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle for the arrest to be entirely constitutional and in accordance with your rights.

Navigating drug rights and laws alone can be difficult, and navigating the legal system without some knowledge and deeper understanding can be overwhelming. If you want to retain support and services from a helpful and experienced drug transportation defense attorney, Hayes Law, PLLC is an excellent choice. We pride ourselves on our track record of bringing positive results to our clients by reducing the penalties they may face. We encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience for assistance and more information.

What Does Transportation of Drugs Mean in New Hampshire?

You may be guilty of transportation of drugs if you drive on a New Hampshire public way while knowingly having a controlled drug in your possession or within any part of the vehicle. This means there may be certain exceptions where you only utilize privately owned property to transport controlled substances or other permitted actions in different circumstances.

It may be surprising to learn that transporting a controlled drug in your personal vehicle a short distance is considered a crime, but this is the case. However, police and law enforcement personnel must keep your rights in mind and follow the correct protocol and procedures, including only pulling you over for reasonable suspicion and keeping you only for the permitted time frame.

To learn more about your rights and when these might have been violated, we encourage you to work with a New Hampshire drug transportation defense attorney. A drug transportation defense attorney, like one from Hayes Law, PLLC, can analyze your case closely and give you helpful information. Your drug transportation defense lawyer in New Hampshire can also find other defenses and arguments that encourage a more favorable perception of your actions and circumstances.

What Are the New Hampshire Penalties for the Transportation of Drugs?

Transportation of drugs is a misdemeanor and carries a mandatory 60-day loss of license. Further, transportation of a controlled drug qualifies as a “major” motor vehicle conviction for habitual offender purposes and carries six demerit points toward license loss.

A misdemeanor charge may result in certain fines and jail time, while a felony arrest may bring higher adverse risks and outcomes. There may also be a poor impact on other aspects of your life, including those pertaining to your work or professional life, family and personal relationships, and other parts of your reputation. If you’re concerned about the long-term negative effects on your life, a drug transportation defense attorney can help reduce these penalties.

How Can a Drug Transportation Defense Lawyer Support You?

Transportation of drug cases almost always involves “suppression issues.” Did the police violate your right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures? We take a critical look at the evidence with an eye toward the following: 

  • Why did the police pull you over in the first place? 
  • How did the police officer get into your car? 
  • Did you actually give consent to search the car? 
  • Did the police officer exceed the scope of a proper motor vehicle stop when he asked for permission to search? 
  • Can the state actually prove that the substance is a controlled drug?

Working with a New Hampshire drug transportation defense lawyer can be incredibly helpful and valuable during this new challenge, serving as a great way to reduce stress and responsibility. An attorney can help you by speaking on your behalf, completing and filing any necessary paperwork, and leveling the playing field against other involved parties and legal representatives.

Please refrain from representing yourself during the legal process, as there is a significant risk that you will face more penalties than you should. Working with an attorney can help ensure you receive favorable representation and significantly reduced consequences. We encourage you to contact a drug transportation defense lawyer in New Hampshire as soon as possible to improve your odds of legal success even further.

A Talented and Experienced New Hampshire Drug Transportation Defense Attorney Can Provide Valuable Support

If you have been charged with the transportation of drugs, you don’t need to worry about managing legal matters alone. Navigating the court system can be difficult, but the New Hampshire drug transportation defense attorney at Hayes Law, PLLC frequently litigates these types of cases. 

Complete our contact form or give us a call at (978) 314-4950 if you are charged with transportation of a controlled drug. It will cost you nothing to meet with us and discuss your case!

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