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Conduct After An Accident in Nashua, NH | Hayes Law Firm, PLLC

Conduct After an Accident in Nashua, NH

Conduct After an Accident in Nashua, NH is essentially a ‘hit and run.’ Assume that you are at leaving the grocery store. You’re backing out of a parking space in, let’s assume, your 1987 Chevy Citation. (Ahhh yes, my first car) Unfortunately, your piece of junk rust-bucket doesn’t have a backup camera or, in your case, you don’t even have a rear-view mirror. Suddenly, you feel a terrible jarring sensation while simultaneously you hear a loud crunching noise. You stumble out of your car somewhat dazed to inspect the damage. Bad news: You’ve backed into a brand-new Tesla causing it to fold up like a crushed beer can. You realize that you are faced with one of two options: A) You find the owner of the Tesla and provide all your insurance information, etc. or B) You drive away like a bat out of hell hoping that nobody gets your plate number.

The driver of a vehicle who knows that he or she has just been involved in an accident resulting in death, personal injury or damages to property is required to immediately stop at the scene of the accident and give all their information to the owner of the other property or the injured party. You may provide all the information to the police officer arriving at the accident scene or provide the information at the nearest police station.

Conduct After an Accident is usually charged as a misdemeanor in Nashua, NH. However, if the crashed caused an injury or, worse yet, a death, or you provide false information, the offense is elevated to a felony. A conviction for Conduct After an Accident is a “major” motor vehicle offense for Habitual Offender purposes and carries 6 demerit points towards a potential license loss.

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