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Breach Of Bail | Hayes Law Firm, PLLC

Breach Of Bail

What happens if you’ve been released on bail and are alleged to have committed another criminal offense? As you may imagine, the prosecutor will most likely file a motion with the court seeking to revoke your original bail and have you held in a jail cell pending trial. Adding insult to injury, the prosecutor may bring additional charges called Contempt or Breach of Bail Conditions. In this scenario, contempt means that you have failed to abide by the original terms and conditions of bail as ordered.

An offense committed while on bail may subject the accused to an enhanced penalty. If you commit a felony offense while released on bail you may face an additional 7 years in prison. Yes, this is in addition to the penalty you were originally facing. If you commit a misdemeanor while on bail you may face an additional year in jail.

Attorney Hayes has handled dozens of cases wherein the State seeks to revoke a client’s bail. Every bail revocation situation is unique and driven by the unique facts of the case. Attorney Hayes will fight hard to keep you out of jail in all situations including where the State is seeking to lock you up for an alleged bail violation.

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