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Nashua Shoplifting Lawyer | Shoplifting Defense Attorney in Nashua, NH

Nashua Shoplifting Lawyer

Shoplifting Defense Attorney in Nashua, NH

Shoplifting is the removal of goods from a store. Willful Concealment is concealing the goods or merchandise while still in the store. Willful concealment and Shoplifting (theft) charges have serious consequences – these are criminal offenses. Convictions for these offenses will be reflected on your criminal record. Shoplifting or Willful Concealment offenses may be charged as either misdemeanor or felony-level offenses depending upon the value of the item stolen and the number of prior thefts on your record.

Defending A Shoplifting Case

Shoplifting, or Willful Concealment, requires the State to prove that you acted knowingly. Consider this scenario: You are shopping at the big box store. You have your two young and very active children with you. You mindlessly toss an item in the bottom Section of the cart – a case of water. Your attention is more focused on the task of controlling your children than focusing on what is in your cart. You go thru the checkout line but forget to pay for the case of water you’ve put in the undercarriage of the cart. This was a mistake – the State cannot prove you acted Knowingly.

Attorney Hayes has successfully handled dozens of Shoplifting and Willful Concealment cases throughout their long careers. Attorney Hayes will obtain all the police reports, work with their private investigator, and mount an aggressive defense.

Sometimes the suspect is caught “red-handed” on video surveillance or by loss prevention officers. In some cases, the evidence is overwhelming. All is not lost! Attorney Justin Hayes works closely with prosecutors to achieve the best possible result, often times without their clients receiving a criminal conviction of their record.

Take Action and Call Our Experienced Shoplifting Attorneys Today

If you, a friend, family member or anyone close to you has been charged with Shoplifting or Willful Concealment it is important that you contact an experienced Nashua criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Hayes will aggressively fight any allegations of Shoplifting or Willful concealment. Our consultations are always free. It costs absolutely nothing to call us and discuss your case.