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Nashua License Suspension Attorneys | Hayes Law Firm, PLLC

Nashua License Suspension Lawyers

Strategized Defenses for Operating After SuspensionDriving a vehicle is a privilege that allows many people to travel, run errands, get to their destinations, and keep up with their routine commitments. At times, traffic violations and other run-ins with the law can impact a person’s right and ability to operate a vehicle because they face a license suspension. When this happens, the DMV is responsible for notifying a driver of their current status and how they may seek reinstatement.

However, many drivers are surprised to find they are driving with a suspended or revoked license when an officer informs them during a traffic stop. The DMV may have failed to notify you of your license’s status, and in turn, you may have unknowingly proceeded to use your driving privilege as you usually would. When you are faced with the penalties and consequences of operating a vehicle with a license suspension in New Hampshire, a license suspension lawyer at Hayes Law Firm, PLLC may help by defending you in a courtroom and strategizing a skilled defense. 

Potential Penalties for Operating a Vehicle With a Suspended License in Nashua, NH 

Operating a vehicle with a suspended license may result in severe penalties and consequences. Depending on the number of charges and offenses on your record, this may be challenging to face on your own. If you are caught driving while your license is under suspension, you may face the consequences or penalties if you do not have an expert legal defense on your side. 

Operating a vehicle under a suspended license may be punishable by:

  • Up to $1000 in fines 
  • An additional license suspension period 
  • License revocation 
  • A misdemeanor or Class B felony charge
  • Jail time 

Considerations for DWI-Related License Suspensions 

If you are found guilty of driving a motor vehicle after suspension because of a DWI, you will be convicted of a class A misdemeanor and face 12 months in jail. A DWI attorney at Hayes may be able to defend your rights and lessen the charges or penalties of a conviction. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your arrest, our legal team may be able to help you in a DWI and license suspension case. 

Strategized Defenses for Operating After Suspension 

For a case involving an illegal operation of a motor vehicle, the State is required to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you knew your license was suspended at the time you were found driving. Hayes will get the police reports and mount an aggressive defense and may recommend taking the case to trial or potentially resolving the matter as something less serious, like operating without a valid license. In these cases, there may be several defenses for the charges you face, such as: 

Driver Was Unaware of Their License Suspension 

If you are at a traffic stop because of a traffic violation and are now facing charges due to operating after suspension, your first defense may be that you were unaware of your license’s status. It is essential to understand your rights and seek a Nashua driver’s license suspension lawyer to review your case before making any statements or giving law enforcement any evidence that the prosecution may use against you. New Hampshire statute 263:64 outlines that if records show a suspension notification was sent to the driver, this will count as evidence. However, there may be errors or wrong information in the DMV system if their records are incorrect and not up to date. 

Driver Did Not Receive a DMV License Suspension Notice 

DMV paperwork and notification processing may take a while to be delivered. When a driver’s license is flagged and suspended, the DMV must process the designation within their records and notify the driver of the new status. If the DMV processing makes an error, does not have an up-to-date address, or fails to send the driver a notification, their negligence likely proves you did not receive any information. It may be challenging to face a court case on your own and a DMV hearing. With an attorney from Hayes Law Firm, PLLC you may feel more comfortable having your suspended license lawyer in Nashua, NH speak on your behalf and defend your rights. 

DMV Suspended The Driver’s License in Error 

At times, it is possible that the local DMV makes an error and incorrectly places your driver’s license under a suspended or revoked status. Investigating any traffic tickets and charges that you may have already resolved and looking at the current events of a driver’s record, a lawyer may prove that the DMV was delayed in processing and implementing a suspension. Therefore, neither the DMV nor the prosecution may use any already resolved tickets or charges against you. Since technology-based errors or mistakes within the DMV database are not uncommon, it is also possible that the DMV selected the wrong driver. 

Driver Had Already Taken Action to Resolve the Suspension

If you were already aware of the license suspension on your record and took action to resolve the issue, you may have been unaware of any delay or problem with the reinstatement. You may have taken the necessary steps to regain your driver’s license and operate under the impression your previous tickets or any charges are resolved. An expert lawyer may help you gather the evidence and defend you aggressively in a courtroom so that you may lessen any penalties, face a lesser charge, or avoid penalties altogether. 

Will My License Suspension Lawyer in Nashua Help Me Get My Driver’s License Reinstated?

Lawyers often help their clients provide the necessary legal resources, strategic defense, representation, and legal aid to pursue the best-case outcome. When facing charges for traffic violations, license suspensions, DWI, and other cases, it is wise to partner with an experienced attorney. Understandably, a license suspension affects your life in many different ways. When seeking a license reinstatement, it is crucial to understand how a Nashua license suspension lawyer may be able to help. 

Depending on the cause of your license suspension, a traffic ticket attorney or DWI lawyer may provide the legal counsel to help you regain your driving privileges. Individuals facing charges and seeking to reinstate their license may have to face a courtroom and seek a DMV hearing. A lawyer may be able to help you by representing you when you are preparing for a hearing, filing the necessary paperwork, and filing a petition to reinstate your driver’s license

Call Our Nashua Suspended License Lawyer For Help 

Our driver’s license suspension attorneys from Hayes Law Firm, PLLC have years of experience fighting all types of motor vehicle cases, including operating after suspension. Our legal team understands the difficulties that losing your license may bring. A license suspension interferes with your daily life and may result in jail time if you are caught driving under a suspended license. Additionally, DUI cases may bring penalties and license suspensions. 

Regardless of your previous driving record and any charges you have faced, a driver’s license suspension attorney in Nashua can gather police reports and legal resources, collect evidence, and may help you avoid penalties and consequences in your case. At Hayes Law Firm, we understand the law and are committed to building an aggressive strategy for our clients. You may complete a contact form or give us a call at 978-314-4950 to schedule a free consultation.