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Nashua Burglary Lawyer | Hayes Law Firm, PLLC

Nashua Burglary Lawyer


Burglary is often associated with stolen property and broken windows, but an individual can receive charges for many other activities as well. If you receive charges for burglary in Nashua, you will likely want to do everything in your power to reduce your consequences and fight off negative repercussions to your life. But just what should you do if you want to fight your theft or burglary charges effectively?

When you face charges for burglary and want to protect your rights, you don’t have to fight through the legal system alone. An experienced and compassionate attorney from Hayes Law, PLLC can bring you valuable assistance through our services and support. We proudly serve clients in Nashua, allowing them to reduce penalties for their charges, diminish feelings of stress and overwhelm, and protect their rights. If you want help navigating the legal system, we can offer our ability to skillfully and confidently conquer each step.

What Is Burglary in Nashua New Hampshire?

Burglary is entering a building or “occupied structure” with the intent to commit a crime. The term “occupied structure” means any structure, vehicle, boat, or place adapted for overnight accommodations or for carrying on a business.

When you conjure up an image of a burglary, or a burglary in progress, you very likely may envision a person dressed in dark clothing with their face hidden behind a mask as the burglar attempts to pry open a window at four in the morning. However, burglary encapsulates more than just this image. It also encompasses other types of conduct. A burglary occurs when one enters a building or home intending to commit any sort of crime, not necessarily just a theft.

Consider this hypothetical: You get into a verbal confrontation over the phone after discovering your friend ate your entire bag of potato chips. Aggravated, you slam down the phone and drive to your soon-to-be former friend’s house. You barge in through the front door, hoping to punch him in the nose. Lucky for him, you spot a new bag of potato chips on the kitchen counter, and you don’t hit him. Here, entering the home with the intent to commit a crime (assault) is a burglary.

What Are the Penalties for Burglary in Nashua?

If you receive charges for a crime, including burglary, you may want to make yourself aware of the potential penalties. These consequences may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Court-ordered restitution
  • Rehabilitation or courses

Depending on whether this is a first offense and the severity of the circumstances, jail time and fines may change. If you want to reduce the penalties you could face with a guilty ruling, we recommend you work with a burglary defense attorney. Your burglary defense lawyer can help you in several ways throughout the legal process, including finding evidence, assessing information related to your case, and building arguments in favor of your case.

How Can Hayes Law, PLLC Help With Your Nashua New Hampshire Burglary Charges?

When you face legal matters, we always recommend you work with a Nashua burglary lawyer for assistance. Your defense attorney can help you in many ways, including completing and filing your paperwork, managing your calendar and appointments, speaking on your behalf, and joining and leading investigations related to your case. Our burglary defense attorney from Hayes Law, PLLC can serve clients around Nashua, bringing you the excellent results you deserve.

We encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible, as speaking with and retaining a burglary defense lawyer early on is a great way to improve your odds of success in legal matters. Your burglary defense lawyer will need adequate time to collect evidence, gain an understanding of your case and relevant circumstances, and build arguments in favor of your perspective. Your attorney can also share strategies tailored to your needs, giving you further improved opportunities for success.

Charged With Burglary in Nashua? Get the Support You Need From Hayes Law, PLLC’s Burglary Defense Lawyer

If you face burglary charges in Nashua, you will most likely benefit from working with a burglary defense lawyer in Nashua from Hayes Law, PLLC. We have extensive experience in criminal defense law, including burglary, breaking and entering, and intent laws. By working with our burglary defense lawyer, you can access his helpful resources and strategies and positively influence your case.

We invite you to reach out to us and discuss your case in greater detail. You can contact us by calling (978) 314-4950 or completing the contact form available on our website. We encourage you to reach out to us at your earliest convenience to improve your odds of legal success.