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Nashua Juvenile Law Lawyer | Nashua, NH Juvenile Defense Attorney

Juvenile Lawyer in Nashua, New Hampshire

Juvenile cases in New Hampshire begin with the filing of a delinquency petition. A “delinquent child” is a child under 18 years old who commits an offense that would be a misdemeanor or felony under the criminal code if committed by an adult and found to be in need of counseling, supervision, treatment, or rehabilitation.

What Is a Juvenile Defense Case in Nashua?

Juvenile cases, like adult cases, are adversarial. Juvenile clients enjoy many of the same rights as our adult clients, including:

  • The right to a trial
  • The right to be found not delinquent unless and until the State proves every element of the delinquency petition beyond a reasonable doubt
  • The right to present witnesses and testify
  • The right to exclude any evidence improperly obtained

If a juvenile is found guilty, or “true” as the term is used in the juvenile court, the judge will impose a penalty that is, at least theoretically by statute, the “least restrictive” and “most appropriate” given the facts of the case. The possible sentence can include community service, restitution, a fine, or being placed on conditional release (probation) for a period of time. The possible sentence can also be more restrictive and costly such as sending the juvenile to a group home, crisis home or shelter care home, or being placed at the Youth Development Center.

Juvenile cases sometimes end up like a game of tug of war. Parents want a certain outcome, such as the return of the child to the home, while prosecutors, juvenile probation officers, and guardian ad litems want the child placed into a costly and long-term placement. A child in this situation can become easily confused and quickly overwhelmed amidst all the adult players purporting to speak on their behalf.

When Is a Minor Tried as an Adult in Nashua, New Hampshire?

In most circumstances, a minor will not be tried as an adult in Nashua’s legal system. However, in some cases, a juvenile can be tried in adult federal or state court if there are serious charges and implications. Serious charges may include murder or rape allegations.

Most individuals will be treated as adults once they are at least 18 years old. On the opposite end, most children can only be tried in juvenile court once they are at least six. If you need more information about whether you or your child can be brought into a particular court system, please don’t hesitate to contact a specialist juvenile defense lawyer for support. Your Nashua attorney specializing in juvenile defense cases will be able to provide you with more exact and tailored information based on your particular circumstances.

What Types of Juvenile Crimes Are There?

In Nashua, a minor can receive juvenile criminal charges for many different acts, and there is significant overlap with adult charges. Some of the most common criminal charges for minors include, but are not limited to, the following:

If you or your child receive a juvenile charge for a crime, including one included in this list, we recommend you work with a criminal defense lawyer. A Nashua juvenile defense lawyer in Nashua can support you in many ways during this legal process, including handling other legal representatives and speaking on your behalf. 

Do You Need a Juvenile Defense Lawyer for Juvenile Court in Nashua?

For those who are unfamiliar with the court system, you may need to find out whether a lawyer will be helpful to your case. A juvenile lawyer can file paperwork, manage your calendar and schedule, and give minors the fair opportunities they deserve from the legal system. We strongly recommend that anyone who is involved in legal matters refrain from representing themselves and instead retain a juvenile defense attorney in Nashua.

Choosing to represent yourself can come with several risks and downsides during legal proceedings, but working with an attorney can help mitigate potential consequences you want to avoid. Retaining a lawyer specializing in juvenile defense cases gives you access to the lawyer-client relationship, meaning you receive greater privacy protections. This gives you the freedom to discuss all points of your circumstances without facing the consequences of incriminating yourself, avoiding unnecessary penalties, and giving yourself the best possible footing.

Juvenile Criminal Charges in Nashua? Fight for Your Rights With Assistance From Hayes Law, PLLC

Our attorney from Hayes Law, PLLC will advocate for their juvenile clients from day one. We pursue the case with the same vigor as an adult case. We challenge the state’s evidence and ensure our juvenile clients are afforded every possible right enjoyed by our adult clients. 

We listen to our juvenile clients and advocate forcefully for their wishes and desires throughout the entire process. Our Nashua juvenile defense attorney has a track record of success in our cases, and we can provide you with valuable support and reduced penalties when we partner together. Contact our office for legal help by filling out our free consultation form or calling us at (978) 314-4950. We look forward to hearing from you, learning more about your case, and fighting for your rights.