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Nashua Criminal Trespass Lawyers | Hayes Law Firm, PLLC

Nashua Criminal Trespass Attorney

Criminal Trespass

Criminal Trespass is being in a place where you know you should not be or remaining in a place after you have been told to leave.

What is Criminal Trespass in Nashua, NH?

Criminal Trespass cases often occur is several contexts. For instance, you’re at your girlfriend’s apartment and you get into a verbal argument. Your girlfriend tells you to leave. However, rather than leave, you plant yourself on the couch and continue watching the fourth quarter of the football game, ignoring the command to leave. This constitutes Criminal Trespass.

You’re up in your tree stand. You’ve had a hunkering for some venison stew for weeks now and today you’re going to get that deer. Suddenly, you see a monstrous deer right in your cross-hairs. You take a deep breath and line up your shot. Just then the cell phone rings! It’s your law partner wondering where you are. You slam down the phone, jump from the tree stand and chase that deer for miles through the woods, ignoring all posted “No Hunting or Trespassing” signs. That’s Criminal Trespassing.

What Are The Penalties For Criminal Trespass?

Criminal trespass can be charged as a felony, misdemeanor or violation level offense. We repeatedly see different variants of this scenario: you got a little too rowdy at the local bar and you are asked to leave. You walk outside, wait 5 minutes, and return to the bar. The police are called and you are arrested. You’ve committed the offense of Criminal Trespass as you were previously told to leave and returned in defiance of that order.

Criminal Trespass can also be a felony. Consider this: a group of teenagers enters what they believe to be an abandoned creepy old house. The teenagers vandalize the property causing in excess of $1,500 damages. The homeowner returned and discovers the damage – the property was, in fact, not abandoned. This is a felony-level Criminal Trespass.

Do I Need A Lawyer To Help Me Fight This Case?

Yes. If my heart valve was clogged, and I was having a heart attack, I would not sit at this desk and try and clean the clogged artery with a Q-Tip. Rather, I would go to the nearest hospital and let the experts perform the medical procedure. Not me. Being charged with any criminal offense is serious. You face potential jail time, probation, and fines. Additionally, the conviction will be on your criminal record. Having a criminal record can ruin your life. You may lose out on a job because you’re a criminal. You may be prohibited from going to your dream school or into the military.

Hire a Criminal Trespass Lawyer in Nashua, NH for Help

It is critically important that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you fight the case. Our criminal trespass attorneys from Hayes Law Firm, PLLC have defended many people charged with criminal trespass. They have the experience and the knowledge to mount the best possible defense. Our consultations are always free – our fee is always the most reasonable.

What Do I Do Now?

You pick up the phone and call our criminal defense attorney in Nashua, NH for legal representation..