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Nashua DUI Expungement Lawyer | Hayes Law Firm

Nashua DUI Expungement Lawyer

A driving under the influence (DUI) charge, also known as a driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge, is not only considered a serious offense in Nashua, but also can have devastating long-term consequences if found guilty. These charges will remain on your criminal record that can be accessed whenever a background check is performed. 

Contacting a DUI or DWI lawyer, like those at Shepherd & Hayes, PLLC, and filing for a DUI expungement may be able to help you get your life back on track. Our compassionate and experienced Nashua DUI expungement lawyers can help you evaluate your options and have your DUI expunged with tireless legal representation. 

What Does My DUI Expungement Mean in Nashua?

New Hampshire law allows you to file for an expungement of a criminal record, including in DUI cases. DUI expungement involves the annulment of your record. This means that the general public cannot access this record. Instead, it will be sealed away and restricted to only a few people, including select government and law enforcement officials.

Therefore, a successful DUI expungement will ensure that the general public, including employers, will not know about your DUI arrest. That’s why our dedicated DUI expungement lawyers in Nashua, NH will take every legal step to help you keep your criminal record clean through a DUI expungement.

Can My Nashua DUI Conviction Be Expunged?

Getting your DUI conviction expunged is a complex legal process that requires you to meet specific criteria. You may be eligible for a Nashua DUI expungement if:

  • You have completed a DUI treatment program
  • You have completed your probation period as required
  • You have fulfilled all terms of your probation
  • You were not convicted of the DUI or found guilty
  • If you were not prosecuted, you could petition for a DUI annulment at any time.
  • If your DUI charge was dismissed
  • If the conviction was later overturned

If you were convicted of a DUI after a trial or pleaded to no contest to your charges, you’d have to wait 10 years before filing to expunge it. During this period, you should also ensure that you do not have any other criminal convictions. You can talk to our experienced DUI expungement attorneys to learn whether your DUI conviction is eligible for an expungement.

Benefits of Expunging Your DUI

A DUI conviction can have devastating effects on your current and future life. Therefore, expunging a DUI conviction can help you get your life on track and protect your personal and professional options moving forward.

With the help of our dedicated DUI expungement lawyer in Nashua, we can help you get your DUI removed and enjoy various benefits, including:


After a DUI expungement, your employers will not see the conviction on your record. This will not only make it easier to get a job, but also help you ensure that your employers don’t use it to deny you a promotion or fire you. This is important mainly when your duties include driving for your company.

State Licenses

You’re also more likely to get a state license after a DUI expungement. This is because many licensing agencies can grant you a state or professional license that you would otherwise not be eligible for if you have a clean record.

More Opportunities

A DUI conviction can have a negative effect on the services and opportunities you get. Therefore, a DUI expungement makes it less of an obstacle by helping you:

  • Improve your college approval probability
  • Get accepted by landlords when renting
  • Get approved for loans and credit lines

In most cases, you’ll not even have to admit to a DUI arrest after a successful annulment. With so much at stake, you should have a dedicated Nashua DUI expungement attorney fighting for your case.

How a DUI Expungement Lawyer in Nashua, NH Can Help

A DUI expungement is a complex process that often requires an experienced Nashua DUI expungement lawyer to guide you from start to finish. A skilled and effective DUI expungement lawyer can help you by:

  • Filing a petition for your DUI expungement in the court where you were convicted
  • Requesting early termination of your probation if necessary
  • Helping you pursue the dismissal of your charge
  • Offering legal advice on how to increase the chances of a successful petition
  • Preparing and handling all the paperwork
  • Fighting for you in court

We will not only help you navigate the complexities of DUI expungements, but also aggressively fight for your case in court if needed. Feel free to reach out to us to learn how we can help you get any records related to your DUI charges expunged.

Hire an Experienced Nashua DUI Expungement Lawyer at Shepherd & Hayes, PLLC

Having a DUI charge on your record can have disastrous consequences on your life, career, and family. It can result in losing your freedom and license, or even harm your personal relationships and employment opportunities. Therefore, if you were charged with a DUI and would like to have it expunged from your record, let a top-rated Nashua NH, DUI expungement lawyer at Shepherd & Hayes, PLLC help.

At Shepherd & Hayes, PLLC, we understand that a DUI is not something you want on your record. Our Nashua DUI lawyers are committed to aggressively representing clients in DUI expungement petitions. For further information and guidance on how we can help you have your DUI expunged, contact us at (603) 233-1626 or schedule a free online consultation.