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Nashua Hit and Run Defense Lawyer | Hayes Law Firm

Nashua Hit and Run Defense Lawyer

Accidents are almost always completely unforeseen occurrences that can happen to anyone. Nonetheless, the drivers or people involved in the accidents may be required by law to take various actions after the accident. However, this doesn’t always ensure that people do the right thing, which sometimes happens in hit-and-run cases. Sometimes you or a loved one might find yourself facing hit-and-run accident charges for various reasons.

If you have been charged for failing to stop after an accident in Nashua, New Hampshire, you may need an experienced Nashua hit-and-run accident lawyer by your side to fight for you. At Shepherd & Hayes, PLLC, we have represented thousands of clients facing different traffic criminal charges in Nashua for years and have a reputable record of success. Therefore, our defense attorneys have a great understanding of the criminal justice system and may be able to help you mitigate your charges.

What Is a Hit-and-Run Accident?

According to New Hampshire law, a hit-and-run accident is where the suspected negligent driver crashes into another vehicle, person, or property and then leaves the crash scene. The law in New Hampshire requires that any driver involved in an accident that leads to death, injury, or property damage stop at the scene. This is to facilitate the other party or the police to record their details.

As such, drivers must share their names, address, vehicle’s license plate details, insurance details, and other legally permitted information. Without these details, the other driver or person might face difficulties filing their personal injury claims. It may also leave someone gravely hurt at the scene without any help until it could be too late.

Hit-and-Run Laws in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, leaving the scene of an accident where there was an injury, death, or property damage can be a serious crime. Failure to stop at the accident scene can lead to misdemeanor or even class B felony charges against the defendant. This law hangs on the theory that anyone who is involved in an accident that causes death, property damage, or injury knows or should reasonably know that they have been in such a wreck and immediately stop.

If you’re facing hit-and-run charges, the prosecution needs to prove to the court or jury that you knew or should have reasonably known that you have been involved in the accident that caused injury or death to another person or property. Enlisting an experienced Nashua criminal defense lawyer may help you build a more robust defense case to prove otherwise, giving you better chances of getting the charges dropped or reduced.

Why Do Drivers Run After Accidents?

Although there is no excusable reason why a driver should leave the scene of the accident, there are many reasons why many still do. Fear is the most prevalent reason many drivers leave the accident scene, including fear of what might happen to them, or mental anguish that they have caused someone to get hurt Nevertheless, there is no valid reason why anyone would run after an accident, especially where they know or should reasonably know there has been an injury, death, or another’s property damage.

We understand that you might have sincerely not known about the accident and therefore continued your journey. Our Nashua hit-and-run accident lawyers will involve accident experts who might recreate the events of the accident, demonstrating this tale. With this evidence, we might be able to prove there was no way for the defendant to have reasonably known that the accident caused damages or injury.

Penalties for Hit and Run Offenders

Hit-and-run charges can lead to dire consequences if convicted, and it all depends on the events and consequences the accident caused. Hit-and-run cases where someone died or suffered injuries are considered serious and can lead to a class B felony. If it’s the property that only suffered damage, the charges might be reduced to a misdemeanor, and a fine of up to $1,200 is imposed if found guilty.

Class B felony convictions can result in jail time of up to seven years and fines of up to $2,000. If the defendant was intoxicated during the accident, more serious charges could also be added, and their license may also be suspended.

Call an Experienced Nashua Hit-and-Run Defense Lawyer

Getting involved in an accident is frightening and stressful, and having charges against you soon after the accident is even more terrifying. Amid these difficult times in your life, it’s good to have someone who can listen to you and fight for your best interests. That’s why reaching out to a skilled Nashua hit-and-run accident lawyer at Shepherd & Hayes, PLLC for legal advice is prudent.

Our expert defense attorneys will review the evidence tabled against you and help you decide the best legal action to take next. Call us at (603) 233-1626 for use our online form for a free case evaluation.