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Understand How A Plea Deal Works | Hayes Law Firm, PLLC

Understand How A Plea Deal Works

Our justice system is overwhelmed with criminal cases. For defendants lacking a criminal history, a plea deal may be an excellent solution to get a reduced sentence. Sometimes attorney Hayes is able to reach an agreement that does not result in any type of conviction! Typically, in exchange for a plea of guilty, a prosecutor offers a much lower sentence than you may face if a jury finds you guilty. Sometimes clients like the certainty of knowing what a sentence will be as opposed to “rolling the dice” at trial. Often, it’s in your best interest to move forward with a jury trial. Sometimes its in your best interest to move forward with a jury trial while keeping an open mind to any plea offers the government may make along the way.

Attorney Hayes loves going to trial – it’s what he does. However, sometimes obtaining a very favorable plea deal is in the client’s best interest. Attorney Hayes will evaluate your unique situation and get you on the best route given your situation and goals.

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