6 Hidden Ways a DUI Arrest Can Impact Your Life

Officer pulling car over because of drunk driving.While the hope is that people drive safely and avoid putting themselves and others at risk by not driving under the influence, unfortunately, sometimes people make mistakes. Mistakes are understandable, but they still have consequences. Most people are aware of the common criminal consequences of being convicted of a DUI. Those can include fines, loss of driver’s license, time in jail, and probation. However, the consequences of DUI aren’t always just those assigned by the court. These consequences are less talked about but can make a person’s life more challenging.

6 Hidden Ways a DUI Arrest Can Impact Your Life

A DUI conviction can carry several severe repercussions. Generally, people are aware of what penalties they may face, but there are other ways a DUI can impact your life that you have not even considered.

1. Car Insurance Rates

A DUI on your record flags you as a high-risk driver, which means you could be facing incredibly high insurance rates. In some cases, you may be unable to receive coverage at all. 

2. Relationships 

Driving under the influence has severe consequences. Not just penalties. An accident caused by a driver under the influence can cause serious and even fatal injuries. People may lose friends and face a strain in their relationships because of their actions. Sometimes those who are close to them will understand that it was a lapse in judgment. However, if the accident resulted in someone else getting hurt, that can be difficult for loved ones to deal with and may place distance between them and the person arrested for a DUI.

3. College Enrollment

For those who are getting ready to apply to college, it’s important to be aware that a DUI can impact your college acceptance. Colleges have admissions requirements and criteria that they consider when determining acceptance. Some schools may include the applicant’s criminal history into their consideration. Furthermore, you may be forced to change your area of study because the industry you previously tried to get into has stricter background check requirements. Being arrested for a DUI can close a lot of doors.

4. Limited Employment Opportunities

Many employers refuse or are unwilling to hire employees with criminal records. A DUI can be a serious hurdle to obtaining employment or furthering your career. Being convicted of a DUI may also affect your current position. You may lose your job if the conviction is discovered. 

5. Limited Travel Opportunities

Under probation, it’s possible to request the ability to travel. However, it will be with restrictions. Some countries prohibit those with a DUI conviction from entering the country, even if it’s a first-time offense. 

6. Child Custody 

Whether you are in the midst of a divorce or in the finalized stages of a divorce, a DUI can play a significant role in the judge’s decision of whether you may share custody with your spouse. A DUI can be perceived as a problem with substance abuse and may be used to claim you are an unfit parent. 

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