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Nashua Marijuana DUI Lawyer | NH, Marijuana DUI Defense Attorney

Nashua Marijuana DUI Lawyer

While most drivers know it’s essential to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol, not everyone knows similar risks are associated with a marijuana DUI. Driving while high can lead to severe injuries for victims on the road, resulting in severe property damages and legal charges. Charges with a marijuana DUI can adversely affect a person’s life, so avoiding or reducing the penalties is ideal. 

If you receive a Nashua marijuana DUI charge, we encourage you to learn more about the legal process and other information related to your circumstances. Additionally, you may find it beneficial to speak with a Nashua marijuana DUI lawyer at Hayes Law, PLLC. Our Nashua marijuana DUI attorney has extensive experience with drug and criminal defense laws in New Hampshire, and we can offer you significant support throughout your legal matters. We have access to several helpful resources, strategies, and tools that help clients all over New Hampshire.

Consequences You May Face With Marijuana DUI Charges in Nashua

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your charges, you may face multiple consequences. These can vary depending on if anyone was injured as a result of your DUI, if you have any prior charges, or if you were carrying more marijuana on your person with the intent to distribute. 

Marijuana DUI charges can result in several penalties if you are found guilty, including but not limited to the following:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • License suspension
  • Court-ordered rehabilitation activities

If you want to reduce the penalties you might face, please consider working with a marijuana DUI lawyer. Your Nashua marijuana DUI attorney can help you mitigate charges, reduce or eliminate consequences, and generally streamline the legal process for you.

What Steps Should You Take if You are Charged With a Nashua Marijuana DUI?

If you face charges for driving while under the influence or in possession of marijuana, we have a few recommendations for steps you can follow. These strategies can help you minimize penalties and risks associated with the legal process.

Avoid Social Media Platforms

When you are involved in legal matters, it’s best to stay off of any social media platforms and accounts. This is a great way to avoid accidental incrimination, as any text, photos, or comments may be used against you. This may even occur if your accounts are private, encrypted, or unrelated to your legal matters. Many of our clients choose to disable or log out of their accounts to avoid temptations associated with social media use.

Don’t Talk to Others About Your Legal Matters

While it may feel comforting to speak with friends and family about your legal concerns, we recommend you avoid discussing your case with anyone. The only exception to this rule is speaking with a Nashua marijuana DUI lawyer who can work on your case with you, as you will have the privacy and confidence associated with an attorney-client relationship. Your relationship with a criminal defense lawyer can significantly mitigate risks associated with disclosing information about your case.

Speak With a Marijuana DUI Lawyer

A marijuana DUI defense attorney can help you in several ways throughout the legal process, including joining or leading investigations, collecting and analyzing evidence related to your case, and building arguments in favor of your side.

Speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible will also increase your likelihood of successful results. This will allow your Nashua marijuana DUI attorney adequate time to collect evidence, build defenses, and gain a greater understanding of your case. Your lawyer will also have a better opportunity to reduce or completely eliminate your consequences.

Who Needs a Nashua Marijuana DUI Lawyer?

We believe that anyone who has received charges for driving under the influence of marijuana should work with the appropriate attorney. By working with a Nashua marijuana DUI defense lawyer, you significantly reduce the risks and consequences that may come about if you represent yourself.

Suppose you choose to represent yourself during legal matters. In that case, there is a big chance that you will misrepresent yourself, therefore potentially leading to an increased likelihood of facing a guilty ruling. Your lawyer can help you avoid any mistakes, increase your chance of success, and generally decrease the severity of your penalties.

Charged With a Marijuana DUI? Work With a Nashua DUI Defense Attorney for Help

If you face charges for a marijuana DUI in Nashua, we strongly recommend you get in touch with a Nashua marijuana DUI lawyer from Hayes Law, PLLC. Our marijuana DUI attorney has extensive experience in criminal defense law, and also has a track record of bringing success to each client. We dedicate ourselves to supporting our clients and reducing their consequences wherever possible.

To get in touch with our team, we invite you to call (603) 821-9438 or complete our online contact form at your earliest convenience. This is a great way to begin discussing your case, exercise your right to an attorney-client relationship, express any concerns, and gain additional helpful information. We look forward to working together with you.