Top 3 Steps to Take Immediately after a DWI Arrest in NH

If you have been arrested for driving while under the influence, the days following the arrest may be stressful and worrisome. Understanding the charges you are up against and what penalties they may bring can be overwhelming. You have the right to hire a skilled attorney any time you are arrested and awaiting your court date. 

At Hayes Law Firm, our experienced legal team is experienced in helping clients with varying criminal charges, including a DWI arrest. Don’t wait to take immediate action that benefits your case and enables you to resolve your charges after being arrested. Continue reading to discover more about a DWI arrest in New Hampshire and how our Nashua DWI lawyer can help you.  

What to Expect When Facing a DWI Charge

If a driver is arrested for a DWI in New Hampshire, they can expect to be prosecuted by the court and suffer penalties with the Department of Motor Vehicles. After an arrest within the nature of impaired driving, you can expect a court hearing where you will either be convicted with sufficient evidence or await your next steps. Regardless of the types of testing, such as with a breathalyzer or the evidence in your case, an expert lawyer can help you in the courtroom. 

If a police officer pulls you to the side of the road for suspected drunk driving or if you are involved in an accident while driving under the influence, you must understand your rights and know which steps to take. Law enforcement may subject you to a breathalyzer screening that can be used later as evidence. Anyone convicted of a DWI may face class B misdemeanor charges, at least $500 in fines, requirements to complete an impaired driving program, and license revocation for up to two years. Seeking a lawyer once you are arrested can help change the outcome of the penalties and conviction you may be facing. 

Field Sobriety Tests 

In New Hampshire, it is under implied consent that law enforcement has the right to ask you to take a field sobriety test if you are suspected of driving under the influence, and drivers are recommended not to refuse. Refusing a field sobriety test will violate implied consent laws, and the consequences may cost you your privilege to drive. For a first DUI offense with a refusal, a 180-day suspension is placed on your license. Repeat DWI offenders with a first refusal will result in a two-year license suspension. 

Steps to Take After a DWI Arrest 

Being arrested is a stressful experience, especially when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol at your arrest. Regardless of the accusations and charges you are up against, you must know your rights. Speaking with law enforcement officers and being non-compliant will not help your case. Rest assured knowing that you can hire a skilled attorney to make the best decisions. 

1. Contact a DUI Lawyer 

You have the right to speak to a lawyer after an arrest. Speaking to law enforcement and discussing the events that led to your arrest may lead to more incriminating evidence. Ask to talk to and hire a New Hampshire DUI attorney early on in the process to avoid any statements or misunderstandings that can lead to incriminating evidence used against you in your DWI case. A lawyer can help you determine the next steps and best strategize how to help you achieve the best outcome in your case. 

2. Prepare for Your Arraignment 

After being arrested, you will have a court session known as an arraignment. A lawyer may set a bail amount, and you can seek a bail bond agent, if needed, to be released. A judge may review any past criminal history, your BAC levels, and other details that led to your arrest. Speaking with your attorney and following the best legal advice before pleading guilty will help you resolve the DUI charges. In some cases, with insufficient evidence and an attorney, you may be able to get your charges dropped entirely.  

3. Request a DMV Hearing 

After you are arrested for a DUI-related charge, you will face a license suspension with the local DMV. You have a right to seek a lawyer and request a DMV hearing before your license suspension within the deadline. If you or your attorney does not request the hearing, your license will be automatically suspended. 

Depending on the number of offenses related to DWIs on your record, you can be convicted of the crimes you face and be forced to severe penalties. Immediately seeking legal advice after a DWI arrest may help you change the outcome of your case and the life-altering challenges you are up against. 

Call Hayes Law Firm for Expert Legal Advice after a DWI Arrest in New Hampshire  

At Hayes Law Firm, our skilled legal team is available to help New Hampshire clients after a DWI arrest. We aim to help our clients understand their rights and fight aggressively for the best outcome in their favor. If you have recently been arrested for a DWI charge, contact our team by filling out a contact form or call 978-314-4950 to schedule your free consultation. We’re available to help you in court and provide expert legal advice after your arrest.


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