What Is a Stalking Protection Order?

A stalking protection order can impact many areas of your life. Essentially, the individual who is given a stalking protection order will have their liberties restricted or reduced to an extent. However, the individual will also have access to their constitutional rights and protected activities. Any restrictions should only be placed regarding the safety of the individuals who request the order.

Getting a solid understanding of a stalking protection order, including the extent to which it will impact your routine, can be very challenging. Luckily, you can get legal assistance to make managing these issues easier. A stalking defense attorney can provide significant support through their services, including one from Hayles Law, PLLC. If you want to retain legal help, we encourage you to speak with us.

What Is a Stalking Protection Order?

A stalking protection order is created to protect an individual from another’s potentially harmful or violent behavior. However, a stalking protection order is not obtained through a criminal case but within the civil legal system. To protect the individual, the defendant will face certain restrictions in their behavior, and these changes will be maintained and enforced by the legal system.

What Restrictions Come With a Stalking Protection Order?

Similar to other protection orders, a stalking protection order will restrict what the defendant can do in certain aspects of their life. Often, the plaintiff’s home, workplace, and other spaces they regularly occupy will be off-limits to the defendant. The defendant will also need to stay a minimum distance from these locations. The order may also restrict the defendant from being in close proximity to others close to the plaintiff, like their spouse or children.

What Is the Difference Between a Stalking Protection Order and Other Restraining Orders?

The difference between a stalking protection order and other restrictive orders is the relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant. In particular, the plaintiff must show that the defendant has historically stalked them in some way. This may mean that the defendant has stalked the plaintiff in one or more separate events, and another relationship does not need to exist.

Should You Retain a Lawyer If You Are Subjected to a Stalking Protection Order?

If you are being served a stalking protection order and want to avoid too many significant restrictions on your life, you may benefit from working with a lawyer. A stalking defense attorney can help you navigate this legal process far more quickly by speaking on your behalf, collecting and analyzing evidence, completing and filing any required paperwork, and much more.

We encourage you to refrain from representing yourself during legal matters, as self-representation does come with many potential risks. This might mean you face larger fines or more jail time than necessary for your potential conviction. Instead, working with a lawyer can help ensure you are represented fairly and more favorably than you might alone. 

Get Valuable Assistance From a Stalking Defense Attorney at Hayes Law, PLLC

If you have been served a stalking protection order but want to reduce any restrictions or significant changes to your life, you don’t need to manage legal proceedings alone. Working with a stalking defense attorney from Hayes Law, PLLC is a great option, as we have extensive legal experience and a long track record of bringing success to our clients.

You can schedule a consultation with us and begin reducing legal-related stress when you reach out to us. We can also answer any of your questions and give you access to helpful resources and tools when we begin working together. To speak with us, call us at (978) 314-4950 or complete the contact form on our website at your earliest convenience.


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