What Happens After Two DUI Arrests in New Hampshire?

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is against the law, and the number of offenses one faces can increase the legal troubles and penalties one may encounter. An attorney with knowledge of DUI laws and strategic defenses may be able to help you through the legal proceedings after a DUI offense. 

A second-time DUI in New Hampshire results in a license suspension, monetary fines, jail time, and other consequences upon conviction. At Hayes Law Firm, our criminal defense attorneys are top-rated lawyers helping clients combat DUI charges by providing a professional legal defense. 

Understanding New Hampshire’s ‘Look Back’ Period 

In New Hampshire, DUI offenses and subsequent occurrences are counted based on the look-back period. The amount of time a DUI conviction remains on your record determines whether additional charges are considered second or third-time offenses. The look-back period in New Hampshire is ten years, so any convictions within ten years are counted consecutively. 

Additionally, in-state and out-of-state convictions are counted as priors. In the case of two DUI arrests, the period between the two arrests and the circumstances surrounding the incident may significantly affect the outcome and consequences in a case. For minors or underage drinkers facing DUI charges, resulting penalties may increase. Aggravated DWI cases are also punishable by harsher penalties in monetary fines, jail time, and a prolonged license suspension.  

Despite the number of arrests, all DUI cases are serious, and those facing charges benefit from understanding what happens and how a lawyer can help after a subsequent DUI arrest. With an attorney on your case, you may restore your record and improve your future.    

What Category Offense Am I Facing With a Second Time DUI Charge?

A second-time DUI charge in New Hampshire is considered a class A misdemeanor. Misdemeanors are considered less severe than felonies but are still serious charges that can negatively impact your record. In a criminal case resulting in a misdemeanor, jail time is considered mandatory. Depending on the time span between two DUI arrests, the penalties of a second-time DUI may vary. 

For a second-time DUI, the penalties include:

  • Monetary fine of at least $750 
  • Mandatory jail time of at least 37 consecutive days between the county jail and a multiple offender program (MOP) 
  • License suspension with a minimum of three years 
  • Possible court-ordered drug or alcohol treatment program 
  • After a license is reinstated, there may be a court-ordered ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle for up to two years.

If you are arrested for another DUI, facing considerable jail time and other penalties can greatly affect essential areas of your life. Your job, driving privileges, relationships, and child custody rights can be negatively affected because of DUI cases. At Hayes Law Firm, our attorneys know and understand the difficulties that criminal charges such as repeated DUIs can bring for individuals and their families. 

How Can a Professional DUI Attorney Help Me After Repeated Arrests? 

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you may wonder how a specialized attorney may help. Typically, a court-appointed lawyer does not have the advantageous experience and resources that a professional legal firm offers. With a dedicated attorney in a well-versed legal team, your case outcome may result in a better outcome for your future. 

Benefits of hiring a DUI attorney for subsequent DUIs:

  • Experienced DUI attorneys may help you get a sentence reduced 
  • You can put your best foot forward with a professional legal defense 
  • An attorney can work to help you get your license reinstated 
  • Legal teams understand the challenges and life changes you are going through
  • Experienced DUI attorneys know the law and how to challenge the prosecution’s claims
  • Your attorney fights to protect your rights and may help you feel at ease in a courtroom
  • With an experienced legal team helping you, a lawyer may restore your record 

Depending on the DUI incident and how law enforcement handled your arrest, every client’s needs are individual. Our legal team understands the specific challenges you face when you are up against criminal charges with the law. Within our legal team, dedication and efficient case handling are valuable to helping DUI clients within New Hampshire. 

Call Top-Rated New Hampshire DWI Attorneys at Hayes Law Firm to Represent You 

DUI cases, when an individual faces the consequences of repeated mistakes, can benefit from the help of a dedicated legal team. With a compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer on your side, you may benefit from skilled defenses and legal resources that can lessen your penalties or charges. 

Our New Hampshire DWI lawyer at Hayes Law Firm has an advantageous experience in challenging evidence, refuting the prosecution’s claims, and protecting a client’s rights. If you are facing the challenges of a second offense DWI, complete a contact form or give us a call at 978-314-4950 to schedule your free case review. 


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